Virtual Selfie Booth

photos made with your guests phones
your branding delivered

Starting @ $195

Our Virtual Selfie Booth was created out of the COVID19 pandemic as a way for events to still happen without everyone physically being in the same spot. To bring everyone together virtually.

Guests simply use their own phone to take a photo and text it to our selfie number 515-209-3222. Guests then receive a text back with their image wrapped in a custom photo frame with your event info.

With our Ai Backdrop Removal add-on, we can even remove the background from your guests photos without a green screen!

Give it a try! Take a photo of yourself or the family and send it to 515-209-3222 and we’ll send you a text back with a custom frame within a couple mins.
*if you would like us to enable the Ai backdrop removal, please contact us to enable.

1. Snap a photo

Snap a photo using your cell phone with your camera app

2. Text photo

Text your photo to 515-209-3222 and give us a few mins.

3. Done!

You receive your framed photo back via text!

The host receives all the images from the event along with event statistics such as number of faces, smiles, glasses, and ages.
Our Ai software is highly accurate in detecting all this from the images.


custom designed Frames

 With innumerable layout options, a keen attention to detail and a strong love of typography and color palettes, we have a large selection of photo frame templates to choose from. Colors and text (even logos) can be changed to match your event’s theme/brand.
We can also provide a photoshop template if you have your own graphics team for an exact branded template. 


Digital backdrops

With our Ai (artificial intelligence) engine, we can remove the backdrop from your guests photos without the need of a green screen! 
This is an add-on option to our frames and is an option to select during booking.



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