simple booth

 Simple can be better!

$695 – 3 hour booking

Our simple booth is exactly as the name implies. Its single job is to make sure your guests have fun and at the lowest price possible. We save on labor from this booth by removing the attendant and simply dropping off and picking back up after your booked time.  

custom designed prints

With innumerable layout options, a keen attention to detail and a strong love of typography and color palettes, we have a large selection of print templates to choose from. Colors and text (even logos) can be changed to match your event’s theme/brand.
We can also provide a photoshop template if you have your own graphics team for an exact branded template. 

With our simple booth, we give up to 4 – 2×6 prints per session. If more than 4 guests are using the booth, they can simply start a new session for more prints.

Simple paper stick props

We provide a qty of 10 paper props on sticks. Since our booths are unattended, we can’t leave super quality props. However your more than welcome to provide your own!

A Clean Setup

Since our simple booth only needs the basics to operate, the printer, computer, lights are all housed within our custom made (yes we have the only one like it!) photo booth shell.
Paired with our clean white draped background, it looks good in any venue!


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