COVID19 has been a game changer in the photo booth industry. With every event being canceled for a couple months, it’s given photo booth others time to think through different ways to serve our clients.

Coming out of this pandemic dmphotobooth is now offering a new type of booth with a unique social aspect to bring guests together from many different physical locations. We call it our Virtual Selfie Booth!

It’s a simple 3 step process.

1. Guests take a photo using their phone’s camera app
2. Guests text their photo to our custom selfie # 515-209-3222
3. Within a couple mins, we send your guests back their photo with your custom photo frame!

We can even remove backgrounds from your guests photos for an even more unique/custom experience!

GIVE IT A TRY! Text a photo of yourself or your family to 515-209-3222 and receive your demo framed photo back!