Do You Setup in Outside Venues?
At this time, we do not setup outside due to liabilities of an unattended booth.

What props do you include with your booths?
Props are more simple in nature with paper props on a stick. Since we Drop these booths off and pick them back up later, we don’t worry if the props are stolen or damaged.

Where should I place the Booth?
If the booth is out of sight to your audience, we won’t get much interaction. Place us close to the bar or in line with traffic flow to get the most use. Let us help your guests have FUN!

Do you travel outside of Des Moines Iowa?
We do not. We only serve within a 15 mile radius of zip code 50325

What are your setup and teardown times?
We arrive approx. 45mins early to setup. Teardown takes about 15-20 mins. We arrive about an hour before your booth start time.

How much space is needed for the booth?
Only thing we require are the following from the venue

  • AC Outlet within 15ft (in a location where we can run a cord and not have anyone trip)
  • A 10 foot x 10 foot x 9 foot {LxWxH} area for our booth setups and guests to move around
  • Point of contact on-location. When we arrive, who do we contact if we have troubles finding where the booth needs to be placed?
  • We can’t be blocking any fire escapes or in use door ways.
  • If it’s a complex venue, we will need a map/layout