Do my clients get physical prints to take home?
YES! Every session (each time the booth is used by your guests), up to a qty of 4 – 2×6 physical prints are printed out for your guests to take home, put on their fridges, office spaces, you name it. Plus they can email and text (with social booth) their photos digitally!

Do You Setup in Outside Venues?
At this time, we do not setup outside due to liabilities of weather and having an unattended booth.

What props do you include with your booths?
Props are more simple in nature with paper props on a stick. Since we Drop these booths off and pick them back up later, we don’t worry if the props are stolen or damaged. Many customers also add or prefer their own props.

Where should I place the Booth?
If the booth is out of sight to your audience, it won’t get much interaction. Place us close to the bar or in line with traffic flow to get the most use. Let us help your guests have FUN!

Do you travel outside of Des Moines Iowa?
We do not. We only serve within a 25 mile radius of zip code 50325

What are your setup and teardown times?
We arrive approx. 1 hour early to setup. Teardown takes about 30 mins. If you do not want us causing a distraction while setting up our booth (say your ceremony and booth are in the same room), please book your booth 30mins to an hour earlier than the ceremony start time.

How much space is needed for the booth?
Only thing we require are the following from the venue

  • AC Outlet within 15ft (in a location where we can run a cord and not have anyone trip)
  • A 10 foot x 10 foot x 9 foot {LxWxH} area for our booth setups and guests to move around
  • Point of contact on-location. When we arrive, who do we contact if we have troubles finding where the booth needs to be placed?
  • We can’t be blocking any fire escapes or in use door ways.
  • If it’s a complex venue, we will need a map/layout

Can you give me more information about how your booth works,
how do sessions work, physical prints, etc?

Our booths are rented by the hour. So it’s the base cost which includes 2 hours of booth operation then $50/each additional hour the booth is onsite.

We have 2 types of booths.

Simple Booth & Social Booth.
Simple Booth Base Cost: $545 and includes 2 hours of booth operation.
Social Booth Base Cost: $645 and includes 2 hours of booth operation.
The Only difference between the two are the simple only does 3 photos and prints out a qty: of 2 – 2×6 photo strips and the photo strips can be shared via email after each session.
The social does gif’s, boomerang’s, has virtual props and allows sharing via email and texts and also prints out a qyt: of 2 – 2×6 photo strips.

Both booths have the option to print out an additional 2 – 2×6 prints per session after guests have taken photos.
So a total of up to 4 – 2×6 prints per session and guests can go through as much as they like during your rental hours.

Example Booth Setup & Pricing for a Simple booth for a 4 hour event from 6pm – 9pm

  • We would show up between 5pm-5:30pm
  • Booth would be setup by 6pm for guests to start using
  • Booth would be available for your guests between 6pm – 10pm
  • We would arrive around 10pm to turn off the booth and take it away.
  • Pricing would be $495 for the first 2 hours. Then $50 for the additional hour. Total cost: $545 + Sales Tax.
    *Please Note: We also have a travel charge which is calculated on your venue distance.
  • $107 deposit for booking would be required when you booked and $438 would be due within a week of your event.
  • Within a week of your event, an automated email reaches out and asks for setup venue/contact details so we know right where to setup and who to contact with questions the day of.

Both booths come with a classy white draped backdrop. You can upgrade this backdrop to a sequin during your booking, etc. if you like. However many customers love the included white backdrop.

Both booths come with a qty of 10 paper props on sticks. We throw these props away after every event, and don’t worry if guests walk away with them, etc. If you would like to provide your own props, your more than welcome to. We’ll have a table in front of the booth for props.

Deciding which booth fits your event best
Both booths are very popular, with the simple booth being a bit more popular only due to its lower price. We’ve found that younger crowds love the social booth more as it’s more engaging, and the simple booth is well rounded if there are mostly older ages in the group. However both booths always attract a lot of attention by both groups.

Setup Details
Both booths share the same footprint of 6’x6’x9′ (LxWxH) however we ask for a 10x10x9 area if we can have it to give guests lots of space to spread out.
We require to be setup within 15ft of an ac outlet and ceilings no lower than 9ft. 
If your setting up in a residential home (say for a graduation), please make sure to measure your ceiling height.

Setup Details
We show up to drop off/setup the booth about 1 hour before your start time, and no attendant stays with your booth. Our setup employee can show someone onsite how to operate the booth if they are around, else we’ve never really had any problems with guests just walking up and figuring out how to use the kiosk. It’s very user intuitive. Within 15mins of your booth ending time, our employee shows up to stop the booth and take it away.
Setup takes about 1 hour, and tear out takes about 30mins.

The base price includes the cost of setup/teardown.We keep our additional hours low, as clients oftentimes have the booth setup early, or available at different times such as cocktail hours, etc. and this way you can have the booth for quite a few hours, without too high of a cost.

We only serve a 25mile radius of zip code 50325