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We Offer 2 – types of Open Air Design Photo Booths.
we offer an enclosed draped booth option as an add-on for either booth
each booth fits 1 – 8 people safely

($295 for 2 hours of booth operation)
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Our Simple Booth was designed for smaller parties, non profits, or events where a photo booth is needed, but the budget is tight. In order to help keep the booth price as low as possible, we designed this booth to be fully self contained and as simple as possible for your guests to use. Guests simply walk up to the booth, tap the start button, select a color filter and the rest is automatic. After 3 photos are taken, the booth automatically prints out a qty of 2 – 2×6 custom photo strips for your guests to take home. Guests are also given the option to print out 2 more 2×6 photo strips for a total of 4 – 2×6 photo strips per session along with the ability to share their digital image via email instantly from the booth.
This booth does not come with an attendant to help your guests. You are more than welcome to provide a volunteer or just leave the booth free standing. For this reason, the props we provide with this booth are simple paper props on sticks so there are no issues with props walking away. You are more than welcome to provide your own props.

Our Simple Booth includes White Draped Backdrop, Table for Props, 10 Paper Props on Sticks, Qty 4 – 2×6 custom photo strips per session, Digital Gallery for guests.

Note: Due to drop off & pick up logistics, Our Simple Booth is only available within the Des Moines Metro.

($495 for 2 hours of booth operation)
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Our Premium Booth uses a studio quality Flash and DSLR camera for fabulous lighting no matter how dark your venue gets. Along with quality photos, we provide a custom 2×6 photo strip for each guest so no one is left out & fun props such as boas, hats, masks, fun signs & provide an attendant to give your guests a full service experience.
As soon as your guests exit the booth, they can share each individual photo from a social share kiosk outside of the booth. An optional gallery link is also printed on each photo strip so your guests can go back and download their individual images after the event.
When you choose our Premium booth, we know the booth is very important to the success of your event. That’s why we bring backup equipment to each event and our staff is trained how to handle any issues that may arise. In 6 years of operation, we’ve yet had a single hardware failure keep us from finishing an event and providing 100% satisfaction for our clients of our Premium Booth.

Our Premium Booth is our Top Notch booth, and if your budget allows, we always recomend the Premium Booth over our Simple booth. However we fully understand budgets which is why the Simple booth was created. Our Simple Booth always receives glowing reviews from our clients as well.

Our Attendant Michael is ready with a prop selection he’s setup for the event. Our premium booth has an attendant which stays with the booth throughout the evening to make sure guests are taken care of and keep the line moving. 

We also have backup equipment for our premium booth, so if one printer goes down, we are still able to serve your guests quickly.

We move the social sharing kiosk away from the booth, so guests can share their photos digitally while the booth has another group in use. The keeps the lines moving and allows us to quickly serve your guests. 

No matter which booth you choose, we’ll go above and beyond with Professional Service and Communication. We have been in the photo booth business for 6 years and helping you make memories or advertise your event is our #1 goal.