Starts at $495
includes 2 hours of booth operation, 2×6 prints, Online Download Gallery,
Fun Props, Premium Backdrop & Social Share Kiosk


Enclose booth with pipe & drape (White or Black) – $75 (one time cost)
Tent/Generator (if no ac or shelter available) – $75 (one time cost)
Memory Guest Book Album – $100 (one time cost)
Idle Time (Great for not burning hours during dinner) – $75/hr
Additional operating hours on top of the 2 hour base – $150/hr (each hour above first 2 hours)
Step & Repeat Vinyl Banner 8ftx8ft – $250 (we deliver & setup)

* 6% sales tax will be added to any package


What are the setup & tear down times?

We arrive at least 1.5 hours early if not 2 hours early to setup the booth, set out props and be ready for your guests at your desired start time. It takes us 45mins to tear down and haul our gear out.

If we need to setup a tent, generator or enclose the booth with pipe & drape it’s an additional 30-40min setup time.

Setup is all included with no extra charge in our prices.

Where should I place the booth?

If the booth is out of sight to your audience, we won’t get much interaction. Place us close to the bar or in line with traffic flow to get the most use. Let us help your guests have FUN!

How many prints do I get?

We feel no one should be left out. So everyone get’s a print that goes through our booth. No matter how many times they go through, we give them a print.

What Props do you include?

We include signs, fun hats, boas, and some themed props. You are more than welcome to throw in your own props with ours, or even just use your props. Just let our booth attendant know when they arrive. We try to keep our props appropriate & family friendly to the event. If you feel any prop isn’t to your stands, you can just ask our attendant to pull it out.

Do you travel outside of Des Moines Iowa?

YES we do travel outside of Des Moines. We automatically cover the Des Moines Suburbs for no travel charge. Anything outside a 20 mile round trip radius of Des Moines is charged at $1 per mile.

How much space is needed for the booth?

Only thing we require are the following from the venue

  • AC Outlet within 15ft (in a location where we can run a cord and not have anyone trip)
  • 10 foot x 10 foot x 9 foot {LxWxH} area for our booth setups and guests to move around
  • Point of contact on-location. When we arrive, who do we contact if we have troubles finding where the booth needs to be placed?
  • We can’t be blocking any fire escapes or in use door ways.
  • If it’s a complex venue, we will need a map/layout
  • Our outside party tent can be ran on our generators removing the need for ac power.
  • Our social booth can be ran on battery power removing the need for ac power.

How long does each session take? How many hours should I book?

Our booth is programmed to take 1 min per group with 4 images taken. However depending on the group, it could take an additional 30 seconds for a group to be ready within the booth. We say plan on 1-2 mins per group.

How many people can fit within the booth?

Our booth width is 7′ wide. We can fit up to 8 people safely. We’ll make sure everyone through the booths get a print!


While Green Screen is a super fun technology which allows us to remove anything that’s green on the background and replace it with any digital background of your choice, it does not produce as professional of results as our other non green screen backdrops.

Green screens are great for themed parties where fun is more important than getting professional quality studio images. With green screen any article of clothing that matches the green backdrop, will become the digital background as well. So you may get floating heads, etc.

The digital images which are used within the green screen need to be at least 1800 x 1200 (WxL) pixels in size. This way even the horizontal 4×6 composite sized photos look great with your backgrounds.

Images must also not be copyrighted or if they are, you must have full permissions to use them. We can help you find the right images for your event.

2×6 Print Template Options

We have several professional & fun templates to choose from. We can change the color & wording for your event. We’ll create a mockup for you to approve before we show up.

* We can provide a photo shop template for corporations wanting to match their branding


Our template background colors can be changed to match the full David’s Bridal color palette.


3-photo strip template             4-photo strip template     4×6 hashtag template

Template Name Below:
Pin Stripes
Template Name Below:
Striped Elegance
Template Name Below:
Vintage Floral

Template Name Below:
Metallic Swirls
Template Name Below:
Diagonal Stripes

Template Name Below:
Chalkboard Whimsy
Template Name Below:
Candy Cane
Template Name Below:
Retro Circles
Retro Circles_sample2
Template Name Below:
Classic Chevron
Classic Cheveron_sample
Template Name Below:
Template Name Below:
Rustic Burlapburlap
Template Name Below:
Simply Boldtemplate
Template Name Below:
A Metallic Celebration
Template Name Below:
Candy Stripes
Template Name Below:
Polka Dots